What is an OnTrendpreneur™? And how to become one

The OnTrendpreneur was the topic of a two-day international retreat Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute hosted in July and is fully explored in the summer edition of the Trends Journal.

The convergence of two trend lines creates a unique environment for entrepreneurs to identify and seize emerging opportunities:
1.The merger/acquisition craze, driven by pushing only the products and services that meet high margins, has resulted in smaller inventories – meaning fewer choices for consumers.
2.In the next five years, waves of affordable, easily managed robotic technology will sweep across service, manufacturing and other industries, leaving millions worldwide with no jobs.

These trend lines mean, as Michael Glauser, author and expert on entrepreneurism, states: “We’re rebalancing from high tech toward ‘high touch.’ There’s a very strong preference for supporting local business owners who know you and give you personal service, and there’s also a backlash against the big boxes.”

We are entering the era of the OnTrendpreneur. And the challenges and opportunities it will bring were explored during the retreat, which was designed to help participants become savvy, innovative professionals able to identify entrepreneurial trends and act on them.

The sold-out retreat, held in the 1774 Academy in Colonial Kingston, NY, featured Celente, special guest speakers Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert of RT’s Keiser Report, institute analysts and a cast of Hudson Valley OnTrendpreneurs who shared experiences and advice. 

Attendees came from across the globe…from Italy to Chile, from Ireland to China, and from Western Canada to every time zone in the United States. They participated in sessions identifying “Golden Opportunities” in an era when products and services are eliminated as major companies and the big boxes merge and consolidate.

“There are ‘Golden Opportunities’ to seize,” Celente said. “It’s one of our top trends for 2016.”
“After years of consolidation, product choice has been sharply limited throughout the broad business spectrum… retail, manufacturing, service, communications, etc. With economies slowing and profit margins shrinking, products with small margins and thin returns don’t make it to market. From food to clothing, from digital to stationery and hardware, if they’re not selling big, the product lines are abandoned by the majors.”

Celente said cutting-edge professionals who are first to identify and seize high-potential opportunities emerging in this dramatically shifting global economy, will profit handsomely.

Those who fail to recognize this OnTrendpreneur trend risk losing what they have and/or finding gainful employment in the future.

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