By the numbers: Qualities of great entrepreneurs

Michael Glauser, author of “Main Street Entrepreneur,” has been working with the Trends Research Institute in defining the fast-emerging rise of the Ontrendpreneur. Glauser studied more than 100 small-business developers for his book. And he’s working on a documentary film, which features Gerald Celente, exploring how technological advances will shake the foundation of economies worldwide as robotics replace jobs across virtually every sector.

Glauser’s research is included in our Ontrendpreneur report in the current Trends Journal. He helps provide a glimpse of the future of work and provides detailed insights into the tools needed to succeed in this new economy.

Based on his extensive research, here are nine traits of successful entrepreneurs:

1. Have A Clear Purpose.

2. Build on What You Know.

3. Launch Opportunities, Not Ideas.

4. Maximize Your Resources.

6. Work with Tenacity.

7. Build a Community of Fans.

8. Create Multiple Revenue Streams.


9. Serve your Community.

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