Welcome to this week’s Trends Journal: “THE FUTURE DOES NOT LIKE YOU.”

The world has entered unchartered territory with the global economy on the brink of a major crash, and civilization edging toward nuclear catastrophe.
It is natural to ask: How did we get here? How could things get so wrong, so fast?

The answer is simple. As our cover by Anthony Freda illustrates, Americans have been fed junk food and junk news and have grown numb to the dangers around them. And across the globe, it’s a downhill slide.
The COVID War has destroyed the lives and livelihoods of billions of people as a result of the draconian mandates imposed upon the people without a scintilla of scientific evidence to support them.

Yet, the masses obeyed their dictators and did what they were told–stand a meter apart, put on your mask, roll up your sleeve and take the Operation Warp Speed jab.

And now the Ukraine War. The masses have no idea why it started, who is responsible for it and what’s next. Instead, they swallow the bullshit being fed to them by politicians and Presstitutes–cowardly media whores who get paid to put out by the government pimps and corporate whore masters.


While we had forecast that inflation was rising nearly two years ago, Central Banksters denied it and said it was only temporary. Now there’s worry on The Street that the Fed will raise interest rates too high to stop inflation and instead, it will sink the economy.

Now, Carl Icahn, the billionaire investor, said, “Inflation is a terrible thing,” observing that it led to the downfall of the Roman Empire. “You can’t cure it.”
What’s next? What to do? It is all in your Trends Journal, the only magazine in the world that gives you History Before it Happens. The worst is yet to come, and we are doing everything we can to help you prevail, prepare and prosper. 

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