The U.S. House of Representatives passed a military spending bill worth $778 billion, which represents the largest amount since WWII and $24 billion more than President Biden requested.
The bill, which focuses on the challenges that Russia and China pose, now heads to the Senate, where it is expected to pass with ease.
The New York Times reported that representatives “rejected” Biden’s request to “keep military spending essentially flat, and instead overwhelmingly called for increasing it substantially.”
“One of the major challenges our military faces right now is dealing with the rapid pace of technology, is getting the Pentagon to better and more quickly adopt the innovative technologies that we need to meet our national security threats,” Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., told the paper. “Those threats are very real.”
The Trends Journal has reported on the U.S.’s absurd investment into its military, with nothing to show for it other than spending trillions to kill millions and make the military industrial and intelligence business gangs richer.  Gerald Celente, the publisher, has pointed out that the American military has not won a war since WWII and has been stacking up defeats, including the recent retreat from Afghanistan. (See “DUH! PENTAGON SURPRISED BY CHINA’S TEST OF HYPERSONIC MISSILE,” “PENTAGON: TARGET CHINA” and “U.S. ‘ALREADY LOST’ AI WAR WITH CHINA, PENTAGON’S FORMER SOFTWARE CHIEF SAYS.”)
Commondreams.org reported that the increase in spending is almost laughable because the U.S. does not face a threat of invasion. We are not Poland, with a migrant invasion on our eastern border, or Ukraine, with Russian troops massing on our right flank. We are surrounded by allies to the north and south and abutted by the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
The website reported that “maintaining a war machine that outspends the next 12 or 13 next largest militaries in the world combined” actually makes the country less safe because it continues to feed the “past misapplications of U.S. military power.”
One needs to look no further than the disaster in Afghanistan. (See “BIDEN ON AFGHANISTAN: “FUCK THAT” and “WILL TALIBAN CASH IN ON $1 TRILLION WORTH OF AFGHAN MINERAL WEALTH?”) Biden famously told the world that “America is back” after his election, but his abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan not only took Kabul’s military by surprise but allies who have been fighting alongside the U.S. in the country. The disaster has led to several news reports that Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan’s job could have been on the line.
The $24 billion added on is the result of “a rising anxiety on both sides of the aisle in Congress that America is losing its military advantage, particularly on the high seas,” The Economist wrote.
The House voted 363-70 in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Not only is the bill more than what Biden requested, it is also more than what was passed while Donald Trump was in the White House and Republicans controlled the House.
Lilly Dragnev, from Peace Action, told The Nation that the bill is “worse than we expected—and that’s saying a lot.”
“Why is the Pentagon budget going up after we bring troops home from Afghanistan?” she asked. She also criticized the bill—as it stands—for taking out provisions to restrict support for Saudi-led forces against Yemen, which is “causing a humanitarian crisis and human-made famine.” (See “MURDEROUS YEMEN WAR: MILLIONS IN PERIL. WHO CARES?”)
She also criticized the bill’s effort to increase tension between the U.S. and China.
“With this bill the U.S. stumbles further into a Cold War with China. Congress added $7 billion to ‘beef up posture’ in the Pacific in ways likely to fuel a cycle of military escalation,” she said.
The Pentagon will purchase 17 F-15EX fighters and 12 F/A-18E/F Super Hornets from airplane manufacturer Boeing. The Defense Department requested 12 F-15s in May and no F/A-18E/F Super Hornets. Reuters reported that the bill will fund 13 battle force ships, including two Virginia-class submarines made by Huntington Ingalls and General Dynamics. The bill also calls for an annual pay increase for service members.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi praised the bill and said it will fortify “our military’s technology advantage” and allow the U.S. to continue support for our “partners,” including Ukraine. (See “PELOSI’S PROFIT FROM PENTAGON SWITCH TO AMAZON.”)
TREND FORECAST: As the saying goes, “Generals are always fighting the last war.” And America’s post WWII war track record is an unblemished failure. From their weaponry to tactics, the U.S. military have exemplified a common misconception and/or misunderstanding of technology and development in warfare… regardless of who they are fighting. 
And the U.S. $778 billion 2022 military budget of more tanks, planes, ships and antiquated artillery for the 21st century further exemplifies their backwardness. We are planning to fight an enemy that does not exist.
In addition, as we have forecast, war with China will be the War that ends all wars. 
And if America stays on the trend lines drawn since the War on Terror launched by U.S. President George W. Bush following 9/11, it will be the last world war. As we have quoted Albert Einstein, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”
TREND FORECAST: The United States will not enter into a one-on-one military conflict with Russia or China. Indeed, they could not even beat the Taliban or win the “Mission Accomplished” Iraq war. 
Yet, as they have since the end of World War II, Washington and their Presstitutes will continue their fear and hysteria Cold War rhetoric to frighten its masses while enriching the military manufacturing mob. 
Gerald Celente’s forecast that America would lose the war when President George W. Bush launched it in October 2001—with 88 percent of Americans’ support—was prescient. The vast majority of the nation believed Bush’s bullshit at the time and admonished Celente for his forecast.  
Indeed, as noted in the movie What Zizi Gave Honeyboy, after being a major media favorite, Celente was banned from the airwaves for telling the media America would lose the Afghan War. 

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