Retail giant Walmart said last week it would reverse its decision to pull all guns and ammunition from shelves due to the threat of social unrest.
The Wall Street Journal reported the store’s corporate office sent a letter to staff telling employees to pull the guns due to “the current unrest in isolated areas of the country and out of an abundance of caution.”
The report said the chain sells guns in about half of its 4,700 locations throughout the U.S. The guns were supposed to be moved to a secure room in the back area of the locations.
Major cities in the U.S. have experienced social unrest due to allegations of police brutality. Most recently, stores in Philadelphia were ransacked after a black man armed with a knife was fatally shot by police. The man’s family said he had a mental health issue and was not a threat to officers. Police said they are investigating and claim the man was charging at the officers at the time he was shot.
Stores across the U.S. are preparing for unrest after the 2020 presidential election.
Kory Lundberg, a spokesman for the store, told CNBC in a statement last Friday that “as current incidents have remained geographically isolated, we have made the decision to begin returning these products to the sales floor today.”
TREND FORECAST: For the first time in modern history, across America, businesses are boarding up their storefronts in anticipation of post-election riots. According to a Yahoo News/YouGov poll, 77 percent of American voters worry that following the presidential election, violence will break out in the coming days.
It should be noted that for the past three decades, gun control had been a major political issue. Not this year.
With economic conditions deteriorating and homicides and violent crime on the rise, self-protection will continue to be a major trend for many years to come.
As Gerald Celente has said, “When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” The general population knows it and feels it.
Thus “Self-protection” will present Ontrendpreneur® opportunities in the United States and around the world. There is a significant portion of the population who understands they, and only they, can protect themselves when suddenly confronted by violence.

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