In February, when schools across America began to close down, we warned of a college crash. Not only did we forecast that once-prosperous college towns would become the “Rust Belt 2.0’s,” we noted many colleges would go broke and close down.

Now, colleges across the U.S. are taking drastic measures to survive the economic hit from lockdowns and strict rules for students and faculty to obey by pausing admissions, implementing hiring freezes, and laying off employees.

“We haven’t seen a budget crisis like this in a generation,” Robert Kelchen, a Seton Hall University Associate Professor of Higher Education told The New York Times. The paper reported even the country’s richest universities are feeling the pinch. It pointed to Harvard, which has a $41.9 billion endowment, recording a $10 million deficit.

Across the nation, some 300,000 college-related jobs have been eliminated.

The NYT reported that freshman enrollment is down 16 percent compared to last year, and overall undergraduate enrollment is down 4 percent… and a nearly 8 percent decrease in poorer students on Pell Grants.

Schools are turning to virtual classes, which has not been universally embraced by students. Costs relating to the virus have surged, with schools being forced to purchase COVID-19 tests and tracing tools.

Suzanne Ortega, President of the Council of Graduate Schools, told the paper that a few years off from taking classes is “not necessarily the end of the world,” but she said universities should continue to encourage these students to consider grad school or “we could have our own loss generation of students who get busy with other things and then don’t fulfill their dreams.”

TREND FORECAST: As Gerald Celente forecast in his bestselling book, Trends 2000, “Interactive U” would be the 21st century education model to replace the one created by the Prussians during the Industrial Age.
As a result of the fear and hysteria spread by the COVID War, this trend will rapidly accelerate, providing OnTrendpreneurs® with a vast array of opportunities.

Trends are born, they grow, mature, reach old age, and die. The current online learning systems are rudimentary; they have just been born. Indeed, from kindergarten to Graduate school, school administrators are virtually making up “virtual” education as they keep students out of classrooms.

TRENDPOST: Totally ignored by the Presstitute media are the hard facts that for people aged 1 to 20, according to the CDC, the recovery rate of COVID is 99.997 percent. Yet, they imposed draconian rules and regulations on students, faculty, and staff. Among them, if they do allow students on campus, they must be flu vaccine injected.

TREND FORECAST: The lifestyle of young people, whose spirit to let loose, play, and party, has been severely damaged by the lockdown rules being imposed on them by older generations. That spirit will become ancient memory.

It is also severely damaging young people with athletic skills, whether in college or not, that are prohibited from playing contact sports.

We forecast Generation Z (appropriately a generation “Zero” who are restricted of their natural human rights and emotions) will be a major demographic in forming anti-establishment political parties throughout the world.

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