As the COVID War rages on and hundreds of millions of lives and livelihoods are destroyed, the vax drug dealers keep getting richer.
The market for COVID vaccines is forecast to double in value next year, reaching $124 billion.
And among the vaccine makers, the leaders of the pack are BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna; those two concerns are predicted to also double their 2021 sales and reach a combined total in 2022 of $93.2 billion; that means the two firms, whose vaccines use the messenger RNA technology, will account for 75 percent of the non-Chinese COVID-19 vaccine market. 
And those two concerns are expected to further consolidate their leadership of the mRNA segment, as potential competitors using that technology have fallen by the wayside. 
Pfizer has been the leader from the outset, with its vaccine the first to be approved for adults and the first to be approved for adolescents; it’s expected to soon gain approval for children; see “DRUG DEALERS: GET KIDS VACCINATED” (23 Mar 2021).
As reported in a Financial Times 17 October article, this information is based on a release from Airfinity, a health data analytics firm, which also forecasts that the vaccine market will continue to be supported by governments around the world purchasing and stockpiling booster shots to inject into their populations against new variants.
TRENDPOST:  “The vaccine market will continue to be supported by governments…”; no kiddin’! See “TAX DOLLARS BOOST DRUG DEALER PROFITS” (2 Feb 2021), “DRUG LORDS’ VAX BOOM BOOMING” (8 Jun 2021) and “SECRET VAX DEALS: TAXPAYER ROBBERY” (2 Feb 2021).
More than 10 billion booster doses are expected to be ordered in 2022, of which only 198 million will go to low-income countries. FT notes that the two leading vax makers have been chided for their poor performance in furnishing their products to middle- and low-income countries, and so will increase supplies to those countries. But 64 percent of Pfizer’s vax revenues and more than 75 percent of Moderna’s will still come from high-income countries. 

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