American and Israeli hypocrisy center stage.

Go back to mid-July when President Joe Biden told Yair Lapid—the former soap opera star and ad pitchman playing the role as Israeli Prime Minister—that Iran cannot obtain a nuclear weapon.

During a high-profile meeting The UN General Assembly voted last week on a resolution—introduced by Egypt—demanding that Israel destroy its nuclear weapons arsenal, even though Tel Aviv never officially confirmed that it has the weapons.

The resolution was opposed by the U.S., Micronesia, Canada, and Palau, but sponsored by nations that signed on to the Abraham accords, including the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Jordan, and Bahrain.

TRENDPOST: Whenever international bodies criticize Israel on any subject, the knee-jerk reaction by the U.S. and Israeli politicians is that the criticism is based on anti-Semitism. (See “AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: ISREAL’S TREATMENT OF PALESTINIANS AMOUNTS TO APARTHEID,” “ISRAEL RAIDS AND RANSACKS HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS AND CHURCH” and “UNPROVOKED, ISRAEL BOMBS GAZA KILLING 43, WOUNDING HUNDREDS”). 

TRENDPOST: There is barely any front page and/or headline news about the killing of innocents by Israelis in American media. But if the women and children were Ukrainians—or Israelis—killed by Russia, it would be non-stop headline news. These are just a few of the latest Israeli killings of Palestinians that never make the front page headlines of the mainstream media. (See “ISRAEL KILLS 4 PALESTINIAN TEENS,” “4 KILLED, DOZENS WOUNDED IN ISRAELI WEST BANK RAID” and “ISRAEL RAIDS AND RANSACKS HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS AND CHURCH.”)

Furthermore, applauding the bombings, and lying that Israel was defending itself despite it not being attacked, President Biden praised Israel on Sunday: “My support for Israel’s security is long standing and unwavering—including its right to defend itself against attacks.”

The resolution called on Israel to accede to the Treaty without further delay and, in the meantime, not to “develop, produce, test, or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons, to renounce possession of nuclear weapons and to place all its unsafe guarded nuclear facilities under the full scope of Agency safeguards as an important confidence-building measure among all States of the region and as a step toward enhancing peace and security.”

TRENDPOST: Readers of this publication know that Israel does not have to play by the same rules as other countries in the region because of U.S. support. The resolution noted that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that has not signed on to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The countries that opposed the measure, led by the U.S., said they are concerned about the “risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.”

The UNGA voted 152-5 (24 abstentions) to call on Israel to get rid of its nuclear weapons. Germany, France, and the U.K. abstained from voting. BRICs like Russia, South Africa, Brazil, China, all voted in favor of the resolution. So did Ukraine, which sparked some online backlash after Israelis took to social media noting how Kyiv has demanded aid from Israel “while at the same time voting against it at the UN.”

“It could sabotage the efforts of all those who worked for the expansion of Israeli aid to Ukraine. In Israel, the vote is viewed as a hostile action and even as a knife in the back … Had Ukraine abstained, it would have been interpreted as a gesture of goodwill,” Chief Rabbi of Ukraine Moshe Reuven Azman, said. 

The Jerusalem Post reported that, “Iran, which is a signatory to the treaty, is believed to be on the path to developing nuclear weapons. Despite this, the resolution did not mention Iran.”

Why would a resolution calling on the destruction of nuclear weapons mention a country that does not have them?

The resolution notes that Israel is the only country in the Middle East and one of the few among the 193 UN member states not to have signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Tensions Continue to Boil Over Between Israelis and Palestinians

Four Palestinians were killed last week by Israeli forces as the country held a vote that saw former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party secure the parliament. 

Israeli forces conducted rocket attacks in the Gaza Strip on Friday, which The Associated Press said was the first cross-border violence since a cease-fire was reached with Islamic Jihad in August. 

Two Palestinians who are members of the group were killed, including a commander who was at a butcher buying meat before his wedding, the report said. 

The uptick in violence comes as Netanyahu is set to become the country’s prime minister again.

“The time has come to restore security to the streets,” Netanyahu posted. “The time has come for a terrorist who goes out to carry out an attack to be taken out!”

Palestinians see Netanyahu’s win as a sign that they could face further violence. 

“No doubt the result of such a coalition will increase the hostile attitude towards the Palestinian people and make occupation measures more extreme,” Bassam Salhe of the Palestine Liberation Organization, told Reuters.

NOTE TO READERS: In August, we reported comments from Josep Borrell, the high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs and security policy, saying for the press to condemn Israel is essentially forbidden.

When Borrell was asked by the newspaper El Pais about Israel’s most recent bombing campaign in Gaza, he admitted that Western diplomats “do not use the same criteria for all problems.”

Borrell said that the conditions in Gaza are “scandalous,” and described Gaza as an “open-air prison.” But he said there was a level of “moral imperative” for nations to support Kyiv and its fight with Russia.

Besides, he suggested that the U.S. carries most of the blame for the continued fighting in Gaza and said Washington will need to step up its commitment if there’s going to ever be a solution.

He said there currently seems to be no path forward diplomatically.

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