Gerald Celente, the publisher of The Trends Journal, introduces this week’s magazine, titled, “U.S. Downing in Debt. The Nation is Sinking.”

Any mention of the U.S. debt level usually puts Americans to sleep, until the reality becomes a nightmare that we can no longer ignore.

The national debt has surged to a staggering $34 trillion, and the U.S. is teetering on the brink of a partial shutdown. Our lawmakers (i.e., little freaks) on the Hill are in a frenzied scramble, concocting new ways to navigate this fiscal crisis at the expense of the American taxpayer.

The federal government continues to spend more than it makes – and that gap jumped dramatically during the moronic COVID-19 lockdowns that came with “stimulus programs” and multi-billion-dollar bonuses for the Bigs.

In other important trend categories, we report extensively on the expanding Israel war and the Middle East Meltdown as Iran carries out retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Syria, and Israel expands its war with Hezbollah and Lebanon and continues its genocide in Gaza.

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