Two major geopolitical trend lines will be drawn in 2015: Support more wars or fight for peace.

What course will be taken? Which will prove successful? What countries will wage more war? Which countries will wage peace? Will fighting for peace be seen as heroic? Or will joining forces with politicians, the military and defense experts to fight more wars continue to be honored as patriotic?

Manipulated economies in the US and across the globe keep the majority of their populations struggling to make ends meet and maintain a decent quality of life – all while trillions are poured into senseless wars.

Can a collective mindset that emphasizes community building conquer the miserable failures of wars designed to build nations elsewhere? One positive indication for the institute is the birth of Occupy Peace in 2014. It was created, in large part, by Trends Journal subscribers from throughout the world who believe the time has come for a different type of peace initiative, one based  on an action plan and supported by the core concept of building communities here, not nations elsewhere. And that’s good business

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