December 6 Conference Agenda

December 6, 2014
Kingston, New York




8 a.m. Mohican Building

Breakfast and registration


9:15 a.m. Academy Building

Welcome and Conference Overview

Derek Osenenko, CEO


9:45 a.m. Academy Building

2015: The New Economy Tightens Its Grip

          Enter the Price Wars era
–          The rise of banking power
–          Laws of capitalism fade
–          Where the opportunities lie 

Gerald Celente, Founder & Publisher


10:45 a.m. Academy Building



11 a.m. Academy Building

 2015: Alternative Energy Becomes Dominant Energy
–          The new age of new energy
–          What types of energy emerge with strength
–          Shale, coal and nuclear power trends
–          Impact on products, services, prices

Bennett Davis, Institute Science Analyst

2015: The Rise of Selfie Journalism
–          Journalism by spreadsheet takes shape
–          General news from dominant outlets fades
–          Family-owned operations do well
–          Short-term investment opportunities in big chains

 Bill Ostendorf, Institute Media Consultant

Derek Osenenko, CEO


Noon Mohican Building



1:15 p.m. Academy Building

2015: Aging: A Wide-Open Sea of Opportunity
–          Meet the Blums video
–          What’s unique about modern-day aging
–          Meeting more than just coping needs
–          Retail and services opportunities abound

Gerald Celente, Founder & Publisher

Derek Osenenko, CEO

2015: Retrograde Brings Back Quality
–          It’s beauty or bust
–          Why this nostalgia period is different
–          Beyond retail to quality of life
–          The prime target: Millennials

Gerald Celente, Founder & Publisher

Eugene Gregan, Artist and Institute Analyst


3 p.m. Academy Building



3:15 p.m. Academy Building

2015: Takeover at Every Turn
–          The Trans-Pacific Partnership
–          Monopolies big and small
–          The next wave of mergers
–          The antidote to consolidation 

Gerald Celente, Founder & Publisher 

2015: A War-Weary World
–          Anti-war sentiment varies
–          The drain on communities
–          Fighting for peace is good business
–          Occupy Peace 

Gerald Celente, Founder & Publisher 


4:15 p.m. Academy Building

2015: Other Trends to Watch and Q&A


5 p.m. Mohican Building

Reception with music, food, drink and good conversation


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