Trend Forecast

On Nov. 13, Gerald Celente, in our Trends in the News broadcast, forecast the coming peak of a strong Trump rally. As long as economic growth moderately increases, so too will the stock market. Therefore, considering that markets rose significantly around the world during Trump’s first year in office, they’ll continue the moderate-growth trend line America is on.

We are not, at this time, calling for an equity-market collapse in the US or abroad. However, as Globalnomic® trend forecasters, we see oil prices sharply spiking should events in the Middle East, particularly those involving Israel, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran, escalate to war. See Megatrend, page 6.

In the United States, for example, with household debt at $13 trillion and wages flat, an increase in oil prices will negatively affect consumer spending, which accounts for nearly 70 percent of US Gross Domestic Product.

In addition, rising oil prices will similarly take an economic toll on both developed and emerging nations around the world, particularly those heavily reliant on gas and oil imports.

Should such conflicts escalate and war ensue, we forecast gold prices will spike, as will a range of cryptocurrencies.

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