Market highs, market lows

The Trends Journal was the first magazine to forecast a Donald Trump White House victory and the first to call the Trump market rally. Here’s what’s next and what to prepare for. Go back one year ago, following the humiliating defeat of Hillary “I still can’t believe I lost” Clinton, to reality TV champion Trump’s White House win that the mainstream media proclaimed would never happen. The media — like Clinton, unable to accept defeat or admit their own failures — have divided the nation with lies and propaganda, as we have detailed in numerous Trends Journal stories since the election (see Trends Journal, Summer 2017). Never in America’s modern history has the nation been so divided following a presidential election, as it was after the 2016 race. Even after the infamous, now mostly forgotten “hanging chads” 2000 presidential race, when George W. Bush beat Al Gore by a few hundred votes in Florida, the political and media message was, “like it or not, support your president.” And for the most part, Americans did. There were no violent protests, mass marches or constant condemnation of who did what to whom. Gore got over it and suffered in silence. The business of America returned to business. Not this time. Immediately following the 2016 election, from the White House to the mainstream media to Main Street, the message was, and still is: Hate the other political party, condemn all with opposing viewpoints and belief systems… and deflect and dodge hard facts, natural common sense and true reason. The same social and political blindness that grips the nation also shields the masses — and the media, and the institutions they rely on — from clearly seeing and understanding critical current events forming future trends that drive equity markets and shape socioeconomic and geopolitical conditions. As political atheists, unswayed by the propaganda barrage raining down from all sides, we predicted the Trump economic rally and moderate economic growth that ensued.

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