As we have noted in this and other issues of the Trends Journal, the mainstream media seized on Fear and Hysteria at the launch of the COVID War to boost viewers and readership.

And it just keeps going.

There is no clearer example than this circus-quality headline the New York Times blasted last Friday:

“Australia Thought It Tamed the Beast. It Didn’t.”

“Ring Mayar spends all day knocking on doors in the western suburbs of Melbourne, asking residents if they have a cough, a fever or chills. Even if they do not, he encourages them to get tested for the coronavirus, as the authorities race to catch up with a string of outbreaks that is threatening to recast Australia’s success story in controlling the spread.”

‘It’s quite daunting,’ said Mr. Mayar, the president of the South Sudanese Community Association… As it has elsewhere in the world, the coronavirus found a hole in Australia’s system: It spread in part because of the sharing of a cigarette lighter among security guards working at a hotel where returning international travelers are being quarantined.”

Just to eliminate any doubt that Australia has joined the ranks of global mass hysteria over the virus, the “Paper of Record” reports, “The Victoria outbreaks have stalled the reopening of state borders, undercut plans to create travel bubbles with other countries, and forced 300,000 people back into lockdown.”

And, today, the border between the country’s two most populated states will close for the first time in 100 years.


The Premier of the state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, said, “It is the smart call, the right call at this time, given the significant challenges we face in containing this virus.”

The premier was referring to a reported 127 new cases of the coronavirus in a region of 6.6 million people.

The state of Victoria includes the city of Melbourne, the country’s second most populated city, which is already falling into its first recession in almost 30 years. The premier of the neighboring region of New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian, said the border will be guarded by military patrol.

TRENDPOST: Totally absent from this lying-fiction movie is the hard fact that the virus was hardly a “Beast” needing to be “Tamed” as their headline claimed – it killed a grand total 104 people in a nation of 25 million or 0.0004 percent of Australia’s population… while destroying the financial lives of millions.

TRENDPOST: This is not journalism… it is obscene propaganda that millions gladly buy. As proven by their deeds, the major media in the United States are peddlers of junk news and partisan reporting.  

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