From the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, as evidenced in the Trends Journal, there was, and still is, little consensus of where the virus came from, how deadly it is, and what can be done to help cure patients who have contracted the disease.
As reported in the Wall Street Journal last Thursday, “There is little consensus among physicians about treatment even as cases and hospitalizations surge in parts of the U.S. It also means the particular treatment a patient gets can vary widely from hospital to hospital, and even from doctor to doctor.”
Physicians can’t even agree on the type of lung ailments that are caused by the coronavirus. Some doctors report the virus causes acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), which results in an inflamed throat, while others report patients with lungs that are more stretched out rather than inflamed. The lack of agreement on the nature of the virus has led to arguments over the best protocols for treating patients with severe symptoms, leading to less successful patient care.
Doctors have been calling out their colleagues, accusing them of practicing bad medicine. At Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell pointed out how he has seen more deaths of patients on ventilators because of colleagues who insisted on treating patients as if they had ARDS.
TRENDPOST: As proven… from social distancing to mask wearing, to putting patients on ventilators, there is little and mostly contradictory evidence on how to treat patients with COVID-19.
To note, absent from the entire mainstream media and their “authorities” is natural healing advice: how to build one’s immune system and what to do get and stay healthy.

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