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Exploring the roots of a unique peace movement

On Sept. 20, Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute will launch Occupy Peace in Colonial Kingston, NY. This unique and powerful movement is designed to reinstate the core values that gave birth to this nation and provide the tools for advancing peace and prosperity. Occupy Peace will be birthed at the heart of the oldest intersection...


Peace and Prosperity conference details

REGISTRATION Conference space is limited, so don’t delay. Registration is now open to the general public. Cost: The cost is $900 per participant for subscribers and $1,050 for nonsubscribers. Fees are due at registration, and are non-refundable. Meals Your registration fee includes food and cocktails Thursday evening; breakfast and lunch on Friday; and breakfast, lunch and dinner...


The new longevity revolution

TREND FORECAST: Everyone knows they are going to die. But in the prescription-drug-addicted Western world, with a pill for every ill, there is a subconscious denial of death; “everyone” means everybody but me. Of all the trends we forecast, aging with grace is a megatrend in the making that still lurks under the mainstream radar....


Millennials force new hotel stylings

If you’re a concierge, start sending out your resume. That’s what hotel chains across the world are promoting through the new brands they’re creating, focused specifically on the millennial traveler. Millennials are surpassing baby boomers as the world’s dominant generation with more than 75 million waddling around the US, eyes and fingers tethered to the...


Tiny homes on fast track

Work every day in a concrete urban wasteland. Commute 35 minutes to your suburban home with the plastic front lawn and meteoric property taxes. Rinse and repeat, reducing your soul while running up the utility bill. That’s the big-sell American Dream. A few folks have shunned this for a compact, moveable tiny house of 100...


Researchers closer to easily editing human genes

In mid-April, researchers announced they had used a promising new gene-splicing technique to “edit out” of living human embryos the genes that could cause inherited conditions such as cystic fibrosis and hemophilia. The test was conducted in China. The technique is called CRISPR, short for “clustered regularly inter-spaced short palindromic repeats.” CRISPR uses inert, repeating...


From slow food to slow living

The global “slow food” movement — forsaking fast food for the pleasures of cooking, community and simplicity — has spawned the “slow cities” trend, dubbed “Cittaslow,” which holds implications for employers, retailers and rental-property owners. Adherents seek out tiny apartments with cheaper rents, look for less-consuming jobs, or streamline their work lives. (One professional stripped...

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