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Winter retreat for mind, body and spirit

Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute have announced an exhilarating and unique weeklong retreat designed to explore the powerful trends that will unfold in the year ahead — all while enjoying the tranquil and healing resources of a beautiful 30-acre setting in Southwest Florida. “Prepare for 2016” features Celente, natural health powerhouse Gary Null, institute analysts and health and well-being experts — all charged with...


Demographers still don’t get new aging

Living longer is no guarantee of living well. As the Trends Research Institute has forecast for years, marketers, retailers and developers of health care products for the aging fall short of maximizing the purchasing power of the huge boomers/seniors population. Why? Their focus is almost exclusively on coping products and services. As we forecast in...


Faster, cheaper light-based telecom

Digital telecommunication runs on light: Computers’ electrical signals are translated into pulses of light that travel through fiber-optic cables. A research team based at the technology university ETH Zurich has made a translator that’s 100 times smaller than today’s devices — and simpler and faster. The result: Computers, and possibly an Internet, that would use...


Family entertainment centers going to the pits

For decades, the neighborhood strip mall has likely been home to a family entertainment center. These are where families bring rambunctious children for two hours of indoor amusement, usually involving inflatable-ball pits, plastic climbing structures and party areas. The more popular sites include the now-defunct Discovery Zone, Sky Zone and the ubiquitous Chuck E. Cheese’s....


Report decouples carbon emissions, economic health

From 2008 through 2013, the US economy grew while power plants’ carbon emissions fell, according to a detailed study by four major utility companies, Bank of America and several environmental groups. The analysis indicates that emissions controls on fossil-fuel-burning power plants may create less of an economic drag than many assume — and that the...


Look, Ma, no friction

Scientists at the Argonne National Laboratory have concocted a new carbon material that virtually eliminates friction between surfaces. These new carbon “rollers” could slash maintenance costs for machinery and vastly extend the life of any mechanical device. Researchers were experimenting with graphene — single-layer sheets of carbon atoms — sliding against a steel ball coated...


HORSE power: Old technology new again

Large farms, food-processing plants, cafeterias, residential neighborhoods and other operations that churn out at least 135 pounds of organic waste daily can generate their own power with the “High-solids Organic-waste Recycling System with Electrical Output,” or HORSE.   An anaerobic digester, the HORSE uses bacteria to break down that daily volume of trash into 125...


Ending antibiotic resistance

Because the medical profession has overprescribed antibiotics for decades, they’re becoming increasingly ineffective. The only harmful bacteria left alive are the ones resistant to the drugs that are supposed to kill them. Each year, 2 million people in the US become infected with resistant bacteria and 23,000 people die as a result. Now the Tampa-based...


Building a brain from scratch

For 10 years, scientists with the Blue Brain Project at Switzerland’s Ecole Polytechnique Federale have been trying to reverse-engineer a rat’s brain and build one themselves. Now they finally have a rough draft. The group made a digital replication of a portion of a rat’s neocortex, the part of the brain that controls sensory perception,...

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