Winter retreat for mind, body and spirit

Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute have announced an exhilarating and unique weeklong retreat designed to explore the powerful trends that will unfold in the year ahead — all while enjoying the tranquil and healing resources of a beautiful 30-acre setting in Southwest Florida.

“Prepare for 2016” features Celente, natural health powerhouse Gary Null, institute analysts and health and well-being experts — all charged with helping attendees refuel, refocus and rejuvenate. Celente and his analysts will provide an in-depth look at the risks and opportunities ahead and provide guideposts for making the most out of 2016.

Held January 10–16 in Naples, “Prepare for 2016” will give attendees a variety of unique and life-enhancing experiences from group activities to formal presentations, with ample time for self-reflection in beautiful surroundings.

Attendees of previous health and well-being retreats at the Naples facility have raved about the life-changing power of the experience. (See the Conference News section of

Each day, Celente and institute analysts will lead presentations on trends emerging in geopolitics, economics, aging, health, pop culture, media and more. These presentations aren’t dry PowerPoint lectures; they’re packed with insights and “actionable” information you simply won’t find anywhere else.

And throughout the week, attendees can engage in health and fitness activities that will enhance their well-being in a comfortable and stimulating environment.

Participants stay at a nearby hotel and are shuttled to the lush grounds of the retreat site each day. Group and individual sessions will be led by health care professionals, including fitness, nutrition and culinary experts whose passion for natural healing and health not only teaches, it inspires.

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