Support Peace. Support our festival.

Occupy Peace is becoming a formal not-for-profit organization. We are building an operational structure to advance our Action Plan, infusing a pro-peace agenda into the global dialogue.

A key part of our strategy, building nation-wide and global anti-war awareness, while raising funds via local participation, is to launch a series of Occupy Peace Festivals. And the inaugural Occupy Peace Festival will be in historic Kingston, New York, next year!

Gerald Celente and his Occupy Peace Team have been developing the concept behind the scenes and will soon be prepared to launch…

“The Occupy Peace Festival: Liberty, Love, Joy and Beauty. Join the Evolution!”

The Team is securing the necessary permits and insurance, to close the streets, book musical acts, create posters and festival merchandise, line up vendors, develop a promotional campaign and attract major speakers, like Ron Paul, a contemporary of Celente’s, to make the event a great success.

The Occupy Peace organization is being created. Once the midterm elections are over, Gerald Celente forecasts that anti-war sentiments will find a receptive national audience. Let the Festivals begin!

The festival approach, once successfully launched in Kingston, can be replicated around the country as a fun, community-driven experience, supporting the core tenets of Occupy Peace without getting wrangled in political divisiveness. Participants can then bask in Peace and enjoy the festivities at the same time. TJ

Contributions to Occupy Peace will help get this initiative off the ground.

Go to and find out how you can help today.

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