Gerald Celente to speak at Ron Paul’s prestigious media and war conference

Global trend forecaster Gerald Celente will speak on the media’s role in sustaining an endless cycle of war during the Ron Paul Institute’s annual Peace and Prosperity Conference in Washington, D.C., this August.

“Media and War,” the third annual Ron Paul Institute conference set for August 18 includes a special focus on the symbiosis between the mainstream media and the warfare state.

For decades, Celente, who coined the term Presstitute to describe mainstream media puppets who peddle corporate or political agendas instead of fact-based reporting, has built a global reputation for being a fearless teller of the truth and the world’s leading trend forecaster.

In announcing Celente as one of the conference’s prominent speakers, the institute’s Daniel McAdams referred to the Trends Journal publisher as one of “our heroes… the brilliant trends observer and forecaster who hits all the right notes on freedom, liberty, foreign policy, the war machine, the sycophantic media, and so on. “

The day-long conference, held at the Marriott Hotel at Dulles Airport, will explore how the media promote war and, conversely, how the war machine promotes the mainstream media.

Top experts on the subject address how the militarist interventionists collude with the mainstream media to prevent alternative media from having a voice? How does the US government misuse its citizens’ money to propgandize them into supporting endless, winless, pointless wars? To propagandize them into viewing any alternative media questioning the permanent warfare state as “unpatriotic” or even “agents of a foreign power?”

Celente said he was honored to be invited to speak at the prestigious conference.

“I have long admired Ron and share much of his world view, especially as it relates to the decades of senseless wars the United States has engaged at the expense of our own peace and prosperity.”

Indeed, Celente in 2015, formed Occupy Peace ( Launched with a rally that featured Ralph Nader, Cindy Sheehan, Dr. Robert Thurman and other speakers who joined Celente, Occupy Peace is the only peace movement backed by a detailed, specific plan for peace and prosperity.

The Ron Paul Institute is the creation of the former US Representative and three-time US Presidential candidate. The Institute’s aim is to create a broad, beyond Left/Right coalition to educate, advocate, and innovate for fundamental changes in our foreign and domestic policy.

Headlined by former US Representative and three-time US presidential candidate Ron Paul, and his former Congressional Chief-of-Staff and founder of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, Lew Rockwell, Celente will be among the prominent speakers making the case for peace and prosperity.

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