Erin Brockovich knows a lot about severe health issues caused by chemical pollution. As a legal clerk in 1996, she was the driving force behind the largest water pollution settlement ever paid when the law firm she worked at sued the Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) for $333 million. 

The utility giant had been covering up its contamination of groundwater that had caused serious cancer and other debilitating diseases in over 650 customers. The case was made into the successful movie, Erin Brockovich.

She has helped win additional, major cases against polluters since.

On 14 March, Erin Brockovich exposed the reality that overwhelming tons of toxic chemicals are causing hormone-damaging consequences world-wide. Her article in The Guardian is titled, “Plummeting sperm counts, shrinking penises: toxic chemicals threaten humanity.”

Her article begins: 

“The end of humankind? It may be coming sooner than we think, thanks to hormone-disrupting chemicals that are decimating fertility at an alarming rate around the globe. A new book called ‘Countdown’ by Shanna Swan, an environmental and reproductive epidemiologist at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, finds that sperm counts have dropped almost 60% since 1973. 

Following the trajectory we are on, Swan’s research suggests sperm counts could reach zero by 2045. Zero. Let that sink in. That would mean no babies. No reproduction. No more humans. Forgive me for asking: why isn’t the UN calling an emergency meeting on this right now?”

The article notes that chemicals breaking down and causing this global crisis are used to make items ranging from plastic products, personal hygiene cleaners, waterproofing, industrial, and home carpets and many of the electronic appliances found in homes and offices. 

Among the most toxic are PFAS, which are often referred to as “forever chemicals,” due to their resistance to breaking down and showing up in millions of human bodies. Commenting on PFAS, Ms. Brockovich writes, 

“They just accumulate and accumulate—doing more and more damage, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. Now, it seems, humanity is reaching a breaking point.”

The book she refers to, Countdown, reveals data showing that a typical woman in her twenties today is significantly less fertile than previous generations, and the average male has only about half the sperm count compared to two generations ago. 

The author, epidemiologist Dr. Shanna Swan, writes, “The current state of reproductive affairs can’t continue much longer without threatening human survival. It’s a global existential crisis. That’s not hyperbole. That’s just science.”

Shrinking Manhood

Dr. Swan’s research also discloses that PFAs are causing “reduction of semen quality, testicular volume, and penile length.” The Kirkus review of the book states,

“Writing about the lack of awareness regarding commonly used chemicals that are harming humans and the environment—not to mention policies to limit or eliminate them—she (Dr. Swan) asks with justified anger, “Where is the outrage on this issue?!”

Children at Risk

Ms. Brockovich adds that one of the most severe results of chemical pollution worldwide is its effect on young children: 

“In the United States, a scientific study found phthalate exposure ‘widespread’ in infants, and that the chemicals were found in the urine of babies who came into contact with baby shampoos, lotions, and powders. Still, aggressive regulation is lacking, not least because of lobbying by chemical industry giants.”

TRENDPOST: Yes, “aggressive regulation is lacking, not least because of lobbying by chemical industry giants.” As we have noted for decades, “democracy” is dead. Governments are run by their corporate masters. As Gerald Celente says, politicians are paid off to do what they are told:

 Morons and imbeciles call it “campaign contributions.” Adults call it bribes and payoffs. And because most politicians never had a real job in their lives, they get paid off cheaply.

It is not a “representative” form of government since the politicians represent those who pay them off and the government is a revolving door… agency heads, diplomats, political leaders, etc., rotate between corporations and government jobs.

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