On 27 July, a video was posted online by “America’s Frontline Doctors,” which the New York Times dismissed as “a group of people… wearing white medical coats… sharing misleading claims about the virus, including that hydroxychloroquine was an effective treatment and that masks did not slow the spread of the virus.”
The Times article, with the headline: “Despite Safeguards, a Misleading Video Goes Viral, With Help from the Trumps,” reported that within hours of being posted, the video was tweeted out by both President Trump and his son Donald Trump Jr.
Ignoring the medical facts disputing the Times’s claims about masks and hydroxychloroquine, the Times stated despite being removed by Facebook, Twitter, and Google, “the video had already become the latest example of misinformation about the virus that has spread widely.”
Without providing one fact, the Times said, “The video did not appear to be anything special.” They said it went viral because it appealed to conspiracy theorists, right-wingers, and anti-vaccination proponents who want to reopen the economy.
Included in the article: “One of the speakers in the video, who identified herself as Dr. Stella Immanuel, said ‘you don’t need masks’ to prevent spread of the coronavirus. She also claimed to be treating hundreds of patients infected with coronavirus with hydroxychloroquine, and asserted it was effective. The claims have been repeatedly disputed by the medical establishment.”
TREND FORECAST: According to the Times, how dare anyone dispute the “medical establishment”… the Big Pharma drug pushers of the universe?
How dare anyone suggesting alternative healing remedies to a nation whose life-expectancy rates are in decline!
Most importantly, whether it is the medical, media, business, or government “establishment,” we forecast new third party “anti-establishment” waves will sweep across the globe.
TRENDPOST: As to what was behind the mainstream media ridicule of the Frontline Doctors, the social media censorship, and the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in fighting the virus and why it is being attacked as a possible remedy, we suggest you read the 3 August article titled, “Hydroxychloroquine One More Time” by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

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