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Last Friday, commissioner of Major League Baseball Rob Manfred issued a warning that the entire league will shut down if the coronavirus spread is not more effectively contained.
The season finally opened on 23 July, but every time a report surfaced that a player or anyone involved with a team contracted COVID, the league reacted sharply.
When 18 Miami Marlin players tested positive on 31 July, the team’s next six games immediately were cancelled. Days later, commissioner Manfred announced this “was not a nightmare situation.” Reportedly, he stated to the league’s Players Association that the entire season might get cancelled if the spread of the virus continues.
Less than two weeks into the shortened season, reports of new virus cases have caused 19 postponements over the last 11 days. The St. Louis Cardinals were forced to postpone a game despite only two of its players testing positive.
ESPN reports a number of city governments have complained to major league baseball that players have been seen without masks when not on the field, spitting, and not adhering to social distance protocols.
In one case, an entire ballpark was closed down despite no player contracting the virus. The Philadelphia Phillies closed Citizens Bank Park after two staff members tested positive. One was a coach; the other a member of the clubhouse staff.
TRENDPOST: As we have noted, name the sport, name the business, name the school… we continue to emphasize how people in power impose arbitrary, non-science backed rules and regulations on society, which have sucked the joy and freedom out of life.
More than just Americans and baseball, fans across the globe have not only lost the enjoyment of their favorite sports… but the new ABnormal rules have destroyed all the businesses that depend on these seasonal sporting events.  
From suppliers of food products to the sale of sports items, to local bars and restaurants surrounding the stadiums that depend on fans, entrepreneurs big and small are going broke and going out of business.

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