Sinclair Broadcasting, which operates186 television stations in 87 U.S. markets, will cut 5 percent of its 9,211 employees, the company said in a statement.
Sinclair also reported fourth-quarter revenues shrank 7 percent year on year.
The company had previously cut capital investment as well as discretionary and non-essential spending.
Sinclair avoided layoffs longer than several other broadcasting firms that laid off workers last year, CEO Chris Ripley noted in a staff memo announcing the job cuts, adding “this is one of the most difficult messages of my career.”
TRENDPOST: We note this cut in staff to further illustrate the backwardness of the mainstream media and the shallowness of their approach by targeting marketing sectors that appeal to political beliefs rather than the general market sensitivities. 
Fair and Balanced? FU!
This was made clear by Fox News Corp. CEO Lachlan Murdoch said last week at a Morgan Stanley investor conference that his network would benefit from Biden’s presidency because it would play the role of “the loyal opposition.”
Murdock bragged, “The main beneficiary of the Trump administration from a ratings point of view was MSNBC… and that’s because they were the loyal opposition… our job is now with the Biden administration, and you’ll see our ratings really improve from here.”
Thus, by their words and deeds, they are not journalists, since they have stated their clear agenda is to build “ratings.” 
At the Trends Journal, we are political atheists. Unlike mainstream media Presstitutes, we do not target groups to improve our subscription base, rather we report on the current events forming future trends, assess their implications, and provide trend forecasts and analyses… which the mainstream media lacks in both the skills and intent to do so. 

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