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“Here’s your field guide to the five main types of Pandemic deniers.”
That’s the 26 July headline of a Salon article republished in attacking anyone who doesn’t believe their B.S. and, as noted below, accuses them of being a vicious person.
Indeed, their one-sided reporting and hypocritical bias is evidenced by how they describe themselves: “AlterNet is a politically left-leaning website that was launched in 1998 by the non-profit now known as the Independent Media Institute.”
There is nothing “Independent” about being a “left-leaning” ideologue any more so than being right wing, liberal, conservative, etc., which, by definition, is agenda-driven rather than fact-based.
This article, written with total bias and demanding us to subjugate to higher authorities, is void of any scientific data, yet it begins with, “Everyday there is more data to prove the dangers of the coronavirus. Yet, bizarrely, the more proof we have of the damage of the pandemic: the more vicious and hysterical its deniers.”
Emotion based, absent in the entire article is a scintilla of “more proof” of the “damage of the pandemic.”
Indeed, the greatest damage, by the numbers and the facts, is the destruction of the global economy and the ruined lives of hundreds of millions who are out of work and the millions of businesses going down and going bust.
We have detailed the death rates and who is dying of the virus to prove it is not the pandemic that Presstitutes and politicians are selling. The data is in your Trends Journal.
Yet, in the AlterNet article, they label us as “covidiots that derives from this nation’s long resistance to expertise.”
Or, more appropriately, those who dare to question the sociopathy being projected upon them; who question authority, government rules, and biasness; and who do not march to political orders have no rights in the United Soviet States of Amerika.

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