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It was a top headline story on Yahoo News this past Friday: “Mom creates ‘virus veil’ for her kids to wear to school – experts applaud the ‘ingenuity’ but say safety tests are needed.”
Fearful her young children may go back to school this autumn and thus may be attacked by COVID, the article featured Ohio mother of five, Hilary Myers, who, inspired by the hat and veil worn by beekeepers, designed a face shield, a.k.a. “virus veil” that covers the eyes, nose, and mouth.
The mask is made of vinyl and has a drawstring to open at the mouth for eating and drinking.
Ms. Myers said, “I know it looks ridiculous. I prepared my kids to be teased incessantly. I know not everyone thinks and feels the same way I do.”
TREND FORECAST: Welcome to the New ABnormal. Ms. Myers is quoted by Yahoo as saying, “The politicization of masks really took the wind out of my sails.” 
Nowhere in the article, as with all of the mainstream media, do they provide scientific data regarding both the ineffectiveness and dangers of wearing face masks. Moreover, just as Ms. Myers states, her children will wear the headgear even if they are “teased,” so, too, are children across the world wracked in fear as they are being raised in COVID Hysteria.
Incapable of feeling carefree at young, formative ages, children are instead being brainwashed with Fear and Hysteria. Thus, thanks to their parents’ insecurity, most will be incapable of thinking for themselves.
Just as the mindless, gutless masses marched to Mussolini, saluted Stalin, and heil Hitler, so, too, they will follow the orders of their murderous, psychopathic, narcissistic leaders who march them off to Hell on Earth to fight the COVID War.
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