Rave reviews for past health retreats

Here’s what some attendees of past health and well being retreats at the Naples facility had to say about the experience:

“I’ve been a flight attendant in the past and I’ve travelled the whole world. But I’ve never seen this much kindness or love. I don’t have the words to describe it. This has been so wonderful.“ – Montez

“This was the very best decision that I could ever make. Everyone on the staff was supportive and loving and very constructive. The environment is balanced and loving and nurturing. “ – Jemma

“I feel I have accomplished something for my body, mind and spirit and I’m grateful to have been here.” – Elaine

“ I feel for the first time that I was able to realign my energy with my authentic self. And I feel confident leaving here that I’m going home with clarity, inspiration and amazing energy.” – Brian

“It was a life-changing experience. I was around good people, good energy, beautiful surroundings, clean water and good food. What I gained was a lifestyle change… I gained so much insight into how to correct things in my life.” – Martha

“Everything about this place is magical. The food is absolutely amazing…This week I’ve been inspired to study vegan cooking and take my cooking to another level. I’ve been energized more than I’ve ever been… I’m not used to running four miles, and today it felt like it was almost effortless. I’ve lost some weight and I feel much lighter and much happier.” – Adam

“I was diagnosed with high blood pressure several years ago. On medication my pressure was 140/80. After being here for two days, experiencing the yoga, the exercise class, the delicious food prepared by chefs, by Wednesday I checked my blood pressure and it was 128/80 without medication. So I’m really glad that I was able to come here and have this life-transforming experience. And I want to recommend this to anyone who wants to get healthy and live a good lifestyle.” – Michael

“I picked up a lot of ideas and practices on living a vital, full vibrant life. I look forward to incorporating a lot of the approaches and ideas in my life.” – Fred

“This was a very rich learning experience with daily lectures and power walks and exercise which made us feel good. The energy and the love we all received from this beautiful environment were incredible.” – Rayney

“The beauty of the place is hard to describe beyond: exquisite. But it’s not just the beauty of the place it’s the energy of the place. The food is organic and it’s cooked with so much love and you feel it, it’s delicious.” – Barbara

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