Last Tuesday, thousands of Italians took to the streets of Rome to voice their opposition to re-imposed COVID lockdowns that are destroying millions of lives and livelihoods.
As with most of the reporting by the media, they and the ruling leaders continually frame protests in a derogatory manner, ignoring the passion of the people that gets them out into the street, instead of focusing on when a police officer is hurt or agent provocateurs commit indecent acts.
Playing to the old pitch, the Associated Press said an officer was hurt in a scuffle near the country’s Parliament. The incident caught the attention of Carlo Sibilia, the Interior Ministry undersecretary, who said that violence at these protests will not be tolerated. Seven protesters were detained.
Under the country’s current lockdown, dining and drinking at restaurants and diners are not permitted for at least all of April. (These establishments can remain open for delivery.) The protesters demanded these businesses reopen for in-person service.
Some of the protesters reportedly hurled smoke flares and shouted, “Freedom!” and “Work!” during the demonstration. 
Hermes Ferrari told Modena Today he spent €10,000 to customize his pizzeria so it was in accord with virus safety precautions, “Then the government made us close down. It’s shameful. I have no more money left. My employees don’t have money to eat,” he said.
TRENDPOST: These protests are not limited to Italy. The Trends Journal has reported on protests that have broken out across Europe and Canada over similar lockdown orders. They will continue to accelerate should governments re-impose new lockdown mandates.

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