Cybercrime may be a buzzword, but old fashioned crime in cities like San Francisco are costing millions of dollars a year for businesses, and ultimately communities and consumers.
A recent Fox News report chronicled multiple people in the city who say they’ve never seen the shoplifting and car break-ins so prevalent.
This is really bad. I’ve been in the Bay area 20 years, I’ve never seen this,” said J.C. Hernandez, a local security guard. “It’s just lawlessness. People are just openly coming in and stealing stuff.”
Rachel Michelin, president of the California Retail Association, said that multi million-dollars worth of product is stolen from San Francisco stores annually, and this year may end up being the worst in a long time. She noted that a large cut of the proceeds is going to criminal gangs.
Others, including business owners and police, confirmed the nature of the stealing didn’t fit with any notion that people are stealing “just to get by.” The items taken, the amounts, and the brazen nature of activities point to a hardened kind of criminal activity.
A host of people interviewed also personally attested that they see numerous car break-ins, often carried out by busting windshields and grabbing goods, occurring on a daily basis.
Adora Gipson, an employee at National Car Rental, said “We get broken windows every few minutes. We got like 30 cars now that’s with broken windows here because people have experienced the smash-and-grab thing.”
Where is the San Francisco DA? The Soros backed current office holder Chesa Boudin has an interesting background when it comes to crime. According to reports, Boudin is the son of two Weather Underground militants convicted of murder in a botched heist in 1981. His mother was freed from jail in 2003, but his father is still behind bars. Boudin was fostered by Bill Ayers, the infamous terrorist who was responsible for Barack Obama’s political ascent, after his parents were imprisoned.
Boudin, a Rhodes Scholar, served as a translator for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez before attending Yale Law School and earning his law degree.

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