Crypto Investing app Matrixport is offering vehicles geared for experienced and pro level investors. The platform markets itself as a one-stop place “to Custody, Trade, Earn, Invest and Borrow with Your Crypto.”
Some of their offerings include:

  • Fixed Income Products
  • Crypto Purchasing
  • Dual Currency Investment Vehicles
  • “Smart Pool” DeFi Investing
  • “Smart Trend” Guaranteed Minimum Yield Investments
  • FUND, featuring managed crypto funds for investors 

The Dual Currency Bitcoin product is an interesting example that can “pay off” either way on Bitcoin price dips or gains.
Using the app, an investor can invest in a linked Bitcoin / USDC investment vehicle and set a certain time-frame price target.  Depending on how Bitcoin performs in that time period, a payoff would occur either in added Bitcoin (if the asset price dipped), or in stablecoin USDC (pegged one to one to the U.S. dollar) if Bitcoin experienced an upsurge.
“Smart Pool” offers another investment option on the platform, related to the fast growing sphere of DeFi finance. Investors can stake crypto in selected Defi projects and earn returns, with flexible terms and even things like hourly compounding.
More info can be found at

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