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Not only have homicides in New York City risen sharply, up 41 percent in 2020 compared to before the COVID War was launched, but police are also reporting a jump in graffiti complaints in 2020. 
The Daily Mail reported the NYPD received 6,000 complaints last year, and some residents have said the cat is already out of the bag.
Dewar’s, a Jamaican restaurant in Brooklyn, posted on Twitter,
“This has been going on too long and I’ve asked on several occasions what can I use to remove the graffiti from the glass of an establishment in Crown Heights to no avail. The graffiti on the walls and shutters are easy to remove by painting. Nostrand Ave looks like a war zone.”
The New York Post reported the NYPD announced a new email address,, which allows residents to report vandalism in their neighborhood. This is part of the project that includes “Clean up days,” where New Yorkers can volunteer to help paint over graffiti.
Police Commissioner Dermot Shea told the paper,
“It’s been a tough year, not just for New York City but across this whole country. This is about moving forward, it’s about the recovery, it’s about coming out together and cleaning up. That’s the big statement we want to make.”
Shea blamed a confluence of issues, from the death of George Floyd to the COVID outbreak.
TRENDPOST: As Gerald Celente has long noted, “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”
Again, we have warned the worst is not only yet to come, it will become a way of life. Gangs will grow in power. Expect thefts, robberies, and violent crimes to increase now and also when the shut-ins end. New York City has experienced a 95-percent increase in shootings compared to 2019 and a 38-percent increase in homicides.
The extent of the damage caused by the COVID War is not yet known, but the Trends Journal has warned that the subsequent lockdowns would lead to an epidemic of despair among the young and old. Knowing at the onset of the COVID War last February that crime would dramatically escalate, we added ourSurvivalism” column as an essential element of the Trends Journal.

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