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Restaurants across the U.S. have reported an increase in sales generated by drive-throughs, which offer customers a socially-distanced chance at grabbing a quick meal.
The Wall Street Journal reported that restaurants not traditionally offering customers the option have begun installing it to meet demand. 
Shake Shack has announced its first drive-through at a location in Orlando, the report said. Chains like Chipotle and Restaurant Brands International, which owns Burger King, also announced plans to reinvest in drive-throughs to meet customers’ demand. 
The paper spoke to a partner at a real estate firm in Alabama who said properties with drive-throughs or the space to construct one often fetch 10 to 20 percent higher rents. The executive told the paper that seven of his firm’s properties have these additions.
TREND FORECAST: We note this fact to illustrate how, along with online learning and a new hi-tech world of social media, with more people ordering take-out food – whether eating it alone in their cars or bringing it home – there will be a continuing downgrade of people interacting with others and making new acquaintances.

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