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Italy faces challenges with its vaccine rollout. The use of one batch of AstraZeneca vaccines was banned after the sudden death of a serviceman in Sicily. Reuters reported that another batch of the AstraZeneca shots was also banned after the death of a teacher in the country’s Piedmont region on Saturday.
“It is an act of extreme prudence while we verify whether there is a connection. There have been no critical issues with the administration of vaccines to date,” Luigi Genesio Icardi, head of regional health services, said in the statement.
Draghi has spoken out in support of the vaccines and said there is no evidence that these deaths – and reports of blood clots – have any relation to the jabs. The European Union’s medicines regulator, the EMA, said it is investigating a possible tie between the vaccine and these clots. Nonetheless, Draghi said, “Whatever the final decision of the EMA, I can assure you that the vaccination campaign will continue with renewed intensity.”
CNN quoted Italy’s COVID Commissioner Paolo Figliuolo, who said, “By this summer, all Italian adults will be vaccinated.” To date, only some 3 percent of the population has gotten the jab.
TRENDPOST: It should be noted that prior to the COVID War, there was a strong anti-vax movement in Italy against forcing school-age children to be vaccinated. 
Despite the Italian people’s subservience to politicians and bureaucracies, considering how few Italians have been vaccinated, especially among health professionals, vaccine resistance movements may again ignite. 

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