Anshei Emet, the anti-vax group in Israel, filed a lawsuit last week against the country over its coronavirus vaccine distribution, which the group said is tantamount to “crimes against humanity,” The Jerusalem Post reported.
The group cited the 1947 Nuremberg Code that focused on medical experimentation by Nazi doctors. One report pointed to Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla who said in an interview last month that Israel is essentially the “world’s lab” due to its swift vaccine rollout, according to the Post.
The suit was filed by Suchovolsky & Co. Law Offices. Based in Tel Aviv, it intends to:
“Present to you and detail how in the state of Israel this year, the government of Israel with its ministers at its Knesset members, heads of cities, and additional senior factors, violate the Nuremberg Code in an unlawful manner, blatant and extreme. And to our regret, not only in a single aspect but many—too many!”
The suit, filed in the International Criminal Court, claims “many” in the country who participated in the vaccination rollout were killed or seriously damaged after receiving the vaccine. The report claimed many who took part in the vax push were not informed they were taking part in an experiment.
The group wants the ICC to prevent Israel from continuing to administer the vaccine, according to the paper. Anshei Emet, which means “People of Truth,” also wants the government to stop incentivizing receiving the jabs.
TRENDPOST: The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a hotline co-managed by the CDC and the FDA, has received more than 1,600 reports of deaths that have occurred after a COVID vaccine was administered to a patient, but none of these deaths have been officially tied to the vaccine. (See our 19 January article, COVID-19 VACCINES: TRACKING ADVERSE HEALTH EFFECTS.”)
The Epoch Times reported that between 14 December and 19 February, there have been nearly 20,000 reports made on the hotline about adverse effects after receiving either the Pfizer or Moderna shots. The report said 5 percent of those calls were about deaths, and 8.9 percent of the deaths occurred the same day the shot was administered. Eighty-five percent of deaths occurred in those aged over 60.

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