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An article published on 8 December by the Brownstone Institute ( dares to question the so-called wisdom of vaccinating children against COVID-19, saying the COVID virus presents less danger to children than does influenza. 
It looks at vaccinating children in terms of risk management and concludes that, on that basis, vaccinating kids is ill-advised.
Even when infected (and children do not readily become infected with this pathogen), children neither get severely ill nor die from it. Neither do they readily spread it to other children, adults, or even their teachers or family members; see “VAX KIDS? THE COVID RISK IS ‘TINY'” (13 Jul 2021) and “KIDS DON’T SPREAD COVID” (17 Nov 2020).
The article cites statistics from studies in Sweden and Germany as prime examples of this premise. In both countries, the incidence of children (in Sweden, 1 to 16 yrs. old, and in Germany 5 to 18 yrs. old) dying from COVID-19 during the study period, and absent any co-morbidities, was zero. 
The risk to children from the vaccines, on the other hand, is far from negligible. Besides the known and documented risks associated with the vaccines—see “COVID VACCINE: ‘SIGNIFICANT SAFETY CONCERNS'” (15 Dec 2020)—there are risks as yet unknown, given that the vaccines are, strictly speaking, still experimental. 
Furthermore, the article points out that not only is the so-called immunity provided by the vaccines inferior to the natural immunity that humans, and children in particular, possess via their innate antibodies, but the vaccines may actually undermine the function of those innate antibodies and reduce natural immunity. 
The article concludes as follows:
“This is a very important ethical matter. The death rate in children (e.g. under 12) is as close to zero as we can get. None of the lockdown and school closure policies worked and all have failed with crushing harms on populations. 
“We have masked our children, closed schools, locked them down, driven surges in suicides in adults as well as our children due to these policies, and now we seek to vaccinate children with a vaccine for which we have no data on the long-term harms. Is there any wonder why there is a loss of trust and why parents might be reluctant to comply with every edict being issued by governments concerning health?” 
TRENDPOST: This article and its conclusions hearken back to the remarks we quoted from Ukrainian-American physician Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (whose team successfully treated some 6,000 patients for COVID-19, including Pres. Trump, Rudy Giuliani and Pres. Bolsonaro of Brazil). 
On the matter of vaccinating children, Dr. Zelenko said, “If you have a demographic that has no risk of dying, why would you inject them with a poison death shot?”; see “DOCTOR CLAIMS COVID VAX IS A ‘POISON DEATH SHOT'” (24 Aug 2021).

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