The Wall Street Journal, in an article published 9 July, reports on the findings of three studies that confirm what the Trends Journal has long detailed: the risk to children 18 and younger of dying from COVID-19 is extremely small.      

Indeed, we wrote back in December that “It should be noted that among this age group, the COVID death rate is minuscule, since, according to the CDC, 99.997 percent of 1-to-20-year-olds recover from the virus (see our 15 December 2020 article “COVID LOCKDOWN: MENTAL ILLNESS BLUES”).

Now, new studies by researchers in the U.K., using records from the National Health System and data from other countries, represent some of the most detailed, comprehensive analysis of severe illness and death from COVID-19 in children.

Hype Vs. Reality

That risk was already thought to be quite low, and the studies show it is even lower, with even fewer deaths attributed to the virus than had been suspected. Of 61 deaths of children in England who had tested positive for COVID-19, it was found that in only 25 cases was the virus the actual cause of death. For the 469,982 children who were infected during the year studied, the survival rate was listed as 99.995 percent. This is roughly consistent with what we’ve been reporting, as on 3 November 2020, in “CRUCIAL COVID DATA IGNORED BY PRESSTITUTES.” 

Of those 25 fatal cases, 15 had underlying serious illnesses, and four had chronic underlying conditions. Only four appeared to have no underlying condition. Any way you slice it, however, it’s the underlying factors that put one most at risk from COVID, and that goes for adults as well as children. But even with such factors, the studies concluded that, for children, the risk is “very, very tiny.”

TREND FORECAST: Void of the facts and ignoring the health consequences, Presstitutes, bureaucrats and politicians continue to promote and mandate the need for young people to get the COVID jab despite reports of serious side effects on youngsters and that they are not dying from the virus.
Thus, we maintain our forecast that there will be increasing ant-vax coalitions forming in nations across the globe that will unite to overthrow establishment political systems. 

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