Some fourteen months ago, Trends Journal told readers about The Great Barrington Declaration, penned by three highly-respected epidemiologists and professors of medicine from Stanford, Oxford and Harvard Universities; see “THE GREAT BARRINGTON DECLARATION: NO COVID FEAR” (13 Oct 2020). 
The declaration’s premise was that, regarding COVID-19, the cure would prove far worse than the disease; that the lockdowns, and all the consequences thereof, would prove to have caused more suffering and even death than the virus ever would; see “LOCKDOWN MADNESS: CURE WORSE THAN THE DISEASE” (10 Nov 2020). 
Among those consequences are widespread poverty and hunger; ruined lives and livelihoods; suicides, drug use and other mental health issues; and excess deaths from undiagnosed or untreated cancers, or resulting from other medical treatments and procedures postponed, canceled or otherwise re-prioritized. 
The declaration advocated that, while those clearly at risk from COVID-19 —chiefly the elderly —should be afforded every means of protection available, those not at risk—essentially the young and healthy—should be afforded the opportunity to live normal lives and develop herd immunity. The declaration called this Focused Protection, and was largely informed by the Swedish model; see “CORONAVIRUS: THE SWEDEN SUCCESS STORY CONTINUES” (5 May 2020).
By the time Trends Journal reported on it, the declaration, issued on 4 October 2020, had been signed by over 6,000 doctors and scientists from around the world. 
But now comes word, as reported by Technocracy News & Trends on 6 December, that The Great Barrington Declaration, far from being discredited, repudiated, fading into obscurity or forced to recant, has now accrued 870,000 signatures, some 60,000 of which are from medical scientists and practitioners!
TRENDPOST: Keep those figures in mind when you’re told that anyone who dares to oppose the official narrative about COVID-19 and the official edicts for lockdowns, mandates and other draconian restrictions is an outlier, a rube, a “science denier” or even a wild-eyed, tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist; see “MEDICS: DON’T JAB ME!” (12 Jan 2021), “MIT STUDY: THOSE REFUSING THE COVID JAB ARE NOT RIGHTWING CONSPIRACY THEORY IGNORANT MORONS” (28 Sep 2021), and “THE HILL: PROPAGANDA SUPREME. EVIL LURKS IN THE HEARTS OF ANTI-VAXXERS” (20 July 2021). 
If you’re skeptical about the way COVID-19 has been dealt with, don’t feel like The Lone Ranger; there are at least 869,000 others like you.

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