France has, since the start of the COVID War, logged some 111,000 virus-related deaths, or about 0.17 percent of its population of over 65 million. Now, in response to COVID WAR 2.0 Delta variant cases, new draconian measures have been put in effect. 
Trends Journal has noted France’s eagerness to respond to new variant cases with more restrictions, as in our article of 2 March, “FRANCE: ANOTHER LOCKDOWN NEEDED.”
Starting Wednesday 21 July, and reported that same day by the Associated Press, visitors to French cultural and tourist venues such as the Eiffel Tower must have a special pass, granted only to those who can document full vaccination or recovery from the virus or have tested negative. Tests are even administered at the various sites. 
Reactions have been mixed. A Danish tourist interviewed for the AP report said that, because Denmark requires similar passes everywhere, the new French policy had little impact on his family’s vacation. But a visitor from Miami felt his freedoms were being violated.
And, across France, people showed their opposition to the new passes and to vaccination. Over the weekend of 17-18 July some 100,000 took part in protests. The AP cites a demonstration in Chambery, in the Alps, where protestors entered the town hall and took down a picture of French President Emmanuel Macron. The local government released a statement saying it condemned the “intrusion” with “the greatest firmness.” 
As we reported, this past weekend, over 160,000 people across France demonstrated against the new COVID vaccine mandates requiring vaccine passports for restaurants, events, trains, domestic travel, public venues and forced vaccinations for all health workers.  
Starting next month, the pass requirements to include teenagers, and eventually to everyone over 12 and a new vaccination campaign in middle- and high schools will begin in September… despite no young people having been reported of dying from the virus.
TRENDPOST: Not a word from the mainstream media of who is dying from the virus in France and why. According to statista, 91 percent of the people who died of the virus in France are over 65 years of age. Of that group, 73 percent are over 75. And as of a month ago, not one person under 44 years of age has died of the coronavirus, yet, the nation, as we had reported, has imposed strict COVID passport rules and enforcing mass vaccine mandates. 

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