The Trends Journal has long predicted that governments will begin to require health passes to resume a post-COVID “normal life.” (See: “EURO ‘DIGITAL GREEN PASS’ GAINING SPEED,” and “ISRAEL: NO VACCINE, NO GREEN PASSPORT.”)
We summed up the initiatives: “No COVID Jab, no Freedom.”
Italy, under the ex-Goldman Sachs banker and former head of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi, announced that it will enforce a health pass for Italians to access gyms, museums, restaurants, and other public venues. The so-called “green” pass enforcement will begin on 6 August. 
Under the new dictate, individuals will have to prove they are vaccinated, have recovered from the virus or have tested negative in the past two days. Other governments in the European Union—like France—have adopted similar measures. The New York Times reported that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also floated the idea, but received mixed reviews from the public.
The report said over 40 million people in Italy have already downloaded the pass. Roberto Speranza, the country’s health minister, said these passes are required to attend weddings and to visit senior living facilities. Businesses will be tasked with upholding the guidelines and will be sanctioned if they are in violation.
“The Green Pass is essential if we want to keep business open,” Draghi said. Reuters reported that there has been some disagreement in his unity government, and he could not go as far as he wanted to. Proposals to enforce a Green Pass on trains, public transport, and domestic flight have been shelved. The League warned that it would kill tourism.
The League leader, Matteo Salvini who said he has not been vaccinated, blasted Draghi’s decision to exclude “30 million Italians from social life.” He said he refused to see someone chase his 18-year-old son with a syringe while migrants arrive in Sicily without any proof of their COVID-19 status.
The report said the Green Pass was introduced last month across the European Union and Rome’s decision to “widen its scope followed a similar move by France this month and underscores growing anxiety about the highly contagious Delta variant.”
The Reuters report said 48.2 percent of Italians are fully vaccinated, but many under the age of 40 have resisted the jab. The report said that some politicians—including members of Draghi’s coalition, have not endorsed the jab for younger adults.
Draghi has warned of the dangers of a population that is not vaccinated.
“Calls for people not to get vaccinated is a call for people to die. If you don’t vaccinate, you get sick, you die or you let other people die,” Draghi said.
He called the Delta variant “menacing.”
“The appeal to not getting vaccinated is an appeal to die,” Draghi said. “Without vaccinations, we must close everything again.”
TRENDPOST: Never is there a mention in the media regarding the statements that are being made by so-called “health officials” and politicians regarding the COVID Jab and those who refuse to get it. 
For example, Draghi said “not getting vaccinated is an appeal to die.” Is it? 
Not for young people and those under 60 years of age. As of 21 July according to statista, of the 128,000 virus deaths in Italy over the last year and a half, some 108,000 were 70 years of age and older… and just 315 people under 40 years of age died from the coronavirus. And, as with all these statistics, there is no reference as to what, if any, pre existing chronic conditions those who died from the virus were suffering from. 
We again note these facts that the media, politicians and “health experts” continually ignore to illustrate how all over the world, nations have imposed strict mandates and rules on entire populations despite only a small demographic dying from the virus. And there is never a mention nor are their mandates being imposed to address and assist those most vulnerable to COVID 19 and the variants. 

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