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New York politicians on Saturday agreed on a deal that could potentially lead to the legalization of recreational marijuana for adults in the state.
The Wall Street Journal reported that under the agreement, residents in the state would be allowed to cultivate the product for personal use and a new state regulator would be established. The bill calls for the decriminalization of possession of up to three ounces. The bill also allows home growing of “three mature and three immature plants per adult for both medical patients and in the adult-use program, with a maximum of six mature and six immature plants per household.”
The report said that officials in the state will also begin studying the drug’s effect on drivers and if they are inebriated after use. Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed the legislation in his state budget. The paper pointed out that similar proposals have been included in previous budgets, but did not pass the Assembly and Senate.
The state reportedly estimates that when the program matures, it could bring in about $300 million in additional revenue for the state. The proposal calls for a 9-percent tax on retail sales and towns can add on an additional 4 percent, the report said. 
TREND FORECAST: The deeper states go into debt, the more laws they will pass that will bring them revenue. What was a punishable crime before – such as “numbers running” when the mob ran it and “Lotto: You Gotta Be in It to Win It” – become legal when the political mob took over. 
Yes, the same political gang that criminalized it and destroyed the lives of millions for smoking it when they weren’t making money off it, but will legalize it so they can raise taxes to pay for their salaries, pensions, and benefits… and get a cut of the action in the name of campaign contributions.
Thus, more states – and nations – will be legalizing cannabis to raise tax revenue. 

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