Kroger, the Cincinnati-based supermarket giant that generated record sales in 2020, is reportedly focused on its pharmacy business to continue to drive growth in the future. 
The Wall Street Journal reported that Kroger’s stores have been providing customers with COVID-related services, including testing and prescription deliveries, and it has benefited from an increase in sales. 
“COVID has taught us that pharmacy is always really important and will be important as we go forward,” Rodney McMullen, Kroger’s CEO, said in an interview, according to the Journal.
The paper reported that the company operates 2,250 pharmacies and 220 clinics across the U.S., mainly focused in the Midwest. The numbers make it the country’s fourth-largest pharmacy operator. The paper also pointed out that its competitor, Walmart, has also focused on healthcare as a driver for future business. 
The Journal pointed out that the supermarket administered 138 million vaccines, including 78,100 to its employees.
“Vaccination is a huge opportunity to engage with customers,” Colleen Lindholz, president of Kroger’s health business and a pharmacist by training, told the paper.
TREND FORECAST: The bigger Big Pharma grows, the greater the demand by the general public for drugs and vaccinations, the wider the push for big retail to gain market shares of this growing sector. 
Indeed, as evidenced by the rush to get vaccinated and the propaganda campaigns to convince the public to get jabbed, the larger the market sector will grow. Pushed into the marketplace, the more retail business will sell their services.
As we had noted since the outbreak of the COVID War, not a peep from the Presstitutes or politicians about getting healthy and building immune systems to fight the virus. 
NO! The mainstream message is clear. The only way to win the COVID War is to get shot… shot in the arm.
While the masses will follow government mandates, there is a large sector of society that will advance toward Whole Health Healing which, in turn, will provide rewarding OnTrendpreneur® opportunities.

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