Verisk Maplecroft, a U.K.-based consulting firm, released its Civil Unrest Index last week and found that there is an “unprecedented” level of risk for civil unrest in over 100 nations due to factors ranging from inflation to wars. 

RT reported that out of 198 nations around the world, just 42 saw their risk of civil unrest decrease. 

The company said it came to its conclusion because inflation’s impact is “evident across the globe, with popular discontent over rising living costs emerging on the streets of developed and emerging markets alike, stretching from the EU, Sri Lanka and Peru to Kenya, Ecuador and Iran.”

The COVID-19 War and the Ukraine War have been a devastating one-two combination for many economies. As Gerald Celente has often noted, “When people lose everything and have nothing left to lose, they lose it.” 

The recent study found that Europe faces the rising risk of public unrest due to the Ukraine War. Just days ago, about 70,000 protesters took to the streets in the Czech capital of Prague to lash out against energy prices and the war in Ukraine. WSWS reported that the country used to receive about 90 percent of its gas from Russia and about 50 percent of its oil. But now Prague is relying on Germany, which is charging “horrendous prices.”

“The aim of our demonstration is to demand change, mainly in solving the issue of energy prices, especially electricity and gas, which will destroy our economy this autumn,” Jiri Havel, the event co-organizer, told a local news outlet, Reuters reported.

The study said Bosnia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, and Ukraine all run the highest risks of civil disorder. The company also said that the risk is unlikely to change anytime soon. 

“Recession fears are mounting and inflation is expected to be worse in 2023 than in 2022,” the company said.

TREND FORECAST: This study is old news to Trends Journal subscribers. We have been forecasting theNew World Disordertrend for more than two years. We noted that politicians across the globe are fighting for survival against angry citizens who are taking to the streets in protest of lack of basic living standards, government corruption, crime and violence. (See “NEW WORLD DISORDER TOP TREND: NATIONS SINKING DEEPER, PEOPLE SCREAMING LOUDER.”

Also, the deeper emerging market economies sink, the greater the refugee crisis will surge as people will do all they can to escape to safe haven nations. In turn, anti-immigration populist movements will gain power in those nations that want to restrict more refugees. 

TREND FORECAST: As interest rates rise, emerging nations’ economies will continue to decline and many of the countries in emerging markets will default on their debts. 

Unlike in the past, the industrial and post-industrial world will have fewer resources with which to bail them out. As we have greatly detailed, as with the United States, European countries are led by political freaks willing to ruin their own economy for a chance to drain Moscow in a long war in Ukraine.

Gerald Celente has long said that we are led by mad men and mad women who, once in office, get drunk on power and lose sight of the people who got them there. A good example is Boris Johnson, the former British prime minister.

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