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The once bustling city of Melbourne, which accounts for some 25 percent of the nation’s GDP, was locked down last Sunday and will stay locked down until at least 13 September.
Prohibiting people to frequent retail shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc., police and military personnel dressed in camouflage fatigues patrol the streets enforcing the dictatorial rules.
Home Prisons
Among the new Melbourne regulations – again, as with other nations, lacking scientific data – only one person per household can leave to go shopping for “essential” items.
People are allowed to exercise for one hour a day as long as they remain within a 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) radius of their homes and apartments.
Thus, adding to what Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews calls “common sense” in classrooms, teachers in close proximity to students don’t have to wear masks, yet, the children must wear them. But both teachers and students have to wear masks on their way to and from school.
The reason given for the extensive lockdown was the state of Victoria had 735 coronavirus cases last Wednesday. When this new, harsher lockdown was announced last week, the entire state of Victoria had experienced 147 deaths since March out of a population of over 6.3 million or 0.002 percent.
Yet, last Tuesday, the New York Times described the situation in Victoria this way: “Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, is grappling with a spiraling coronavirus outbreak that has led to a lockdown with some of the toughest restrictions in the world – offering a preview of what many urban dwellers elsewhere could confront in coming weeks and months.”
TRENDPOST:Ignore the facts, sell the fear” is the mainstream media way.
 The “Horror Headline” trend kept pace last Saturday with this from Bloomberg News: “Australia Reports 17 Coronavirus Fatalities in Deadliest Day.”
It should be noted, as with other nations, the infirm elderly and those suffering from pre-existing chronic conditions are the victims of the virus.
Indeed, 10 of the 17 virus deaths reported last Saturday were from elder care centers.  
In fact, it’s the same sad story that the mainstream media worldwide, particularly in America, and a junk news-addicted population avoids: “Who is dying from the virus and why?”
According the Australia’s Health Minister, 68 percent of all virus deaths in the nation were related to aged care facilities.
As the scientific facts confirm, and we have been reporting, people suffering from obesity, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory ailments are the primary death victims of COVID-19. 
When the virus hysteria first broke out, as we have continually noted in the Trends Journal, this is what was included in most Associated Press COVID-19 stories: “For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms. For some, it can cause severe illness such as pneumonia, or even death.”
 Rarely, if ever, does the mainstream media mention, “For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms.” Instead, as is now evident by the headlines, they pump up the fear factor by reporting on the number “cases” and concentrate on the “for some” who die.

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