Media alert: Trends Monthly debuts

Kingston, NY Aug. 21 – Global forecaster Gerald Celente and his Trends Research Institute today launched a new monthly electronic newsletter designed to augment the institute’s signature publication, the quarterly Trends Journal magazine, with ongoing analysis and updates on trends as they develop in economics, health, technology, media, education, politics, pop culture and other areas.

Trends Monthly, which will publish the middle of each month, is emailed to subscribers and made accessible to them on the institute’s primary website,

“We created this new publication to keep our worldwide audience updated on the evolving trends that matter in their lives,” said Celente. “This new format allows institute analysts to deliver trend-tracking reports with greater immediacy between editions of the Trends Journal.”

The debut issue covers a number of evolving trend lines in economics, from the regulations on the horizon for bitcoin, to chances that local stock markets might take shape. The August Trends Monthly edition also explores the implications of media giant Gannett’s decision to spin off its publishing division from its other assets. Institute analysts tie that development to underlying trend lines in traditional media to identify how the big chains will fare in the years ahead.

Other stories explore trends in culture, education, health and technology. And a CEO’s report covers how the institute is evolving new strategies to build its audience and provide new opportunities for subscribers to engage Celente and institute analysts.

The institute was founded by Celente in 1980. The institute’s quarterly Trends Journal, available in both print and digital formats, provides trends analysis and forecasts across a wide range of topics. In addition to the magazine and now the monthly newsletter, the institute provides multimedia content for subscribers, including Celente’s nightly Trends In The News broadcasts, at, and a number of services for organizations and industries, including consulting, customized trend forecasting, symposiums, keynote addresses and conferences at the institute’s facilities.

To arrange interviews with Celente or institute analysts, please contact Zeke West at 845-331-3500, ext. 102, or at


Read more issues of the Trends Monthly newsletter online.

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