Dear former subscriber

The Trends Research Institute has just launched Trends Monthly, a new electronic newsletter for subscribers of the Trends Journal and And we’re taking this opportunity to offer you a 50-percent discount on a full subscription.

Trends Monthly will publish the middle of each month, reporting on History Before It Happens in economics, geo-politics, technology, health, constitutional rights, pop culture, media and much more. This latest venture from the institute joins our heralded quarterly Trends Journal print/digital magazine, my nightly Trends In The News broadcasts, our regular Trend Alerts, a newly redesigned website with expanded multimedia content that can be accessed on any device, weekly humorous illustrations of current events, my Gerald in the Media segment and much more – all included in a subscription.

I am sharing with you as a former subscriber the debut of Trends Monthly to show you the latest in a series of improvements that make a subscription to the Trends Journal/ more valuable than ever. To encourage you to once again subscribe, we are offering you a one-year, full print and digital subscription at a 50 percent discount. You can subscribe HERE. This offer will expire on August 31.

Your full subscription includes all of the features described here and the full color, 50-plus page Trends Journal mailed directly to your home or business, as well as providing access to the content online.

I founded the institute in 1980. Today, I believe our work is growing stronger than ever. And our unencumbered, tell-it-like-is, vigorous analysis of the trends that affect your life is more needed than ever. Subscribe today. If our work doesn’t deliver the analysis and information you need, your subscritpion comes with a 30-day full refund.

— Gerald Celente

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