Lies, as usual, from the White House

I’m no crook. Read my lips, no new taxes. I never had sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky. Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan.
Republican or Democrat, name the president, pick the lie. The list goes on. They lie their way into office to get elected and break promises never intended to keep. It has become the American way.

Health, education, jobs, transparency, foreign policy … most presidential promises have been outright lies.  Among the most recent, is how President Obama told the nation back in August that US involvement in Iraq was a humanitarian mission to save Christian and Yazidi civilians on a mountain in Iraq from being slaughtered by ISIS. US involvement, Obama vowed, was not re-engagement and not a military one.

Four months, 1,700 ground troops, 1,371 air strikes later, and $1 billion later, US boots are back on the ground in Iraq.

U.S. soldiers clashed with Islamic State militants, helping the Iraqi army repel attacks against the town of al-Baghdadi in the western Anbar province, Al Jazeera TV reported, as Kurdish forces advanced in the north.

The U.S. troops were from al-Assad military base, the biggest in Anbar, First Lieutenant Muneer al-Qoud from the Iraqi police said by phone. (Bloomberg, 20 December 2014)

The trend line is clear. The US/NATO Middle East war against ISIS will grow deadlier as it continues to escalate. And, along the way, lies and propaganda will escalate, too, keeping Americans confused and in the dark.


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