CEO Report

The Trends Research Institute’s third conference of 2014, held December 6, reinforced a strengthening trend line: Our participants play an essential role in advancing our analyses and deepening an understanding of the trends we address.

The institute’s Top Trends for 2015 Forecast was unveiled for the first time before a live audience and recorded for worldwide viewing at our December conference.

In each segment addressing one of nine forecasts, the packed house energized the presentations with great questions, unique insights and personal perspectives.

The group dynamic also underscored what we already know – how interconnected these, and most, trend lines are and how they have direct impact on quality of life for each of us.

The five-and-a-half hour video is available here.

The Top Trends for 2015: 

  • The Grand Manipulation: The mechanisms of sound economics are being subverted to favor the wealthy and powerful.
  • Bankism: Capitalism is on the brink as Bankism fast becomes the dominant global economic system.
  • Price Wars: Too much product and not enough demand give rise to a new age of retail marketing.
  • Dominant Energy: A new era for new energy explodes as dependency on fossil fuels lessens, global demand declines and the availability of alternative energy sources rises at a historic pace.
  • Selfie Journalism: Local news may never be the same as big media chains consolidate and downsize; upstarts will be needed to fill wide news-coverage gaps.
  • Artful Aging: An age wave is growing across the globe, and it is rich with untapped potential for businesses that focus on quality, creativity and old-school values.
  • Retrograde 2.0: It’s beauty or bust as a return to individualism and the higher standards for quality and craftsmanship of past eras ignite opportunities for entrepreneurs to reach millennials.
  • Takeover: Monopoly is the new normal. The latest trade pact, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, ensures that the bottom line trumps quality, choice and morality.
  • War Weary: Is the populace ready to fight for peace? It’s time to finally turn the tide of endless war and bring more prosperity to the world, but is anyone listening?



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