Letter to the editor from Piero San Giorgio

The following letter to the editor form has been submitted: hcv: testing first name: Piero last name: San Giorgio address: 86, rue de st.jean city: 1201 state: Geneva zip: 1201 phone: +41 79 202 56 40 email: piero1971@hotmail.com letter: hi Gerald!

here is swiss author Piero San Giorgio, subscriber to Trends Journal and big fan!

I am planning to attend your July 31-Aug 3rd meeting in Kingston, NY.

now, I wanted to suggest something… I would like to offer myself to run a paper while there for your
audience… as I am a renowned public speaker on Economic Collapse (my site is www.piero.com) and I speak
to many audiences around Europe, the US, Asia and corporations as well as Armed Forces (Swiss, France,
etc.). Of course i’d do that for free!

I feel the topics I cover are very close and complementary to what I read from you and Paul Craig Roberts and
your other contributors…

let me know!


Piero San Giorgio remLen: 184

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