How’s this for an idea?

Mr Celente:
I am writing to thank you for my recent discount subscription. Living on under a grand a month. every little bit helps. Thank You Sir! Here is perhaps one small, or maybe large way, to pay you back in a way which expresses quite well the major political trends at present. A tee shirt design as follows.

Circle of elephants and donkeys alternatively, with their heads stuffed up the butt of the opposite party symbol, till the circle is complete. In the center, the circus ringleader. A caricature of BHO in a Mr. Potato Head style slightly phallic shaped, striking the Mr Peanut Pose leaning on a golf club and wearing an abe lincoln top hat with the logo “Dick Tater” A rocker panel under the circle reading “POLITICAL CONSENSUS). I truly believe this to be nearly as good as gold in terms of revenue over the next two years. What think you sir.

Should be worth a lifetime subscription to your Trends Journal.

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