Letter to the editor from larry lachoff

The following letter to the editor form has been submitted: hcv: testing first name: larry last name: lachoff address: 1480 capri lane city: san jacinto state: california zip: 92583 phone: 951 263 2113 email: larryinthedell@msn.com letter: trends in the news not as agreed to in our contract you only produce
a new show when you feel like it.not 5 times a week. mr.celente you
are rightfully indignent when the news media or the bankers or the poli-
titians tamper with the truth how about a little fairness doctrine when
judging your own veracity? don’t be an asshole mr celente! I’m concerned
about your mental health,these are trying times we live in and we must
be candid with eachother. thankyou, larry lachoff remLen: 222

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